When the closing months of the year roll around, it’s harvest time!


We use the traditional, non-mechanical method of “raking” our beautiful fruit out from between the leaves with long, trident-like combs. Our bounty falls into large nets, spread across the land beneath the trees, which get gathered up and sorted through by hand to remove twigs and other natural debris. We then delicately transfer our olive haul into hessian sacks, each of which holds roughly sixty kilograms of produce.


To guarantee their freshness, we transport our olives to our local press daily, where a friendly team of villagers squeeze every ambrosial drop of oil from them, and we grin with glee at the result.


Honest Toil is Extra-Virgin and first cold pressed. This means it is of the highest grade obtainable and that absolutely no heat or chemicals are used to control flavour or acidity levels during any part of the processing. This is especially important to us as it ensures that the oil retains more of its natural nutrients because the olives themselves undergo less degradation.


The pure greengold liquid is bottled within a week or two, to keep it as fresh as possible.


Honest Toil is a family run enterprise and the whole operation is undertaken by our family and friends.


Honest Toil Olive Oil is available in a range of quantities to suit the needs of all. Whether a casual or a bulk buyer, we are certain you’ll enjoy the Honest Toil flavour.