Lidl and Bertolli fined for fraudulent olive oil: “a three euro olive oil should make you reflect”


The discount supermarket Lidl received a €550,000 fine for selling fake extra virgin olive oil under its Primadonna brand which failed sensory panel tests, according to Olive Oil Times.

Simultaneously, the world’s largest olive oil producer Deoleo, received a fine of €300,000 for branding malpractice of its Bertolli gentile, Sasso classico, and Carapelli il frantolio ‘extra virgin’ olive oils which, after inspection, were downgraded seven brands to virgin.

The investigation was launched by a consumers’ magazine in Italy which assessed the 20 most popular brands of olive oil, nine of whose extra virgin labels were found to be false.

The president of Konsumer Fabrizio Premuti stated “the Antitrust sentence provides clarity on the major olive oil labels that we find in supermarkets and above all on those who sold us virgin olive oil declaring and advertising it as extra virgin […] A real Italian extra virgin olive oil has a cost of production higher than €6, therefore a €3 extra virgin olive oil should make you reflect.”‘