Harvest is here!

We’ve been harvesting….

As November turns to December, and the Greek sun starts to lose its heat, our olives here in Messinia are ready to be picked. The whole landscape is dotted with olive trees… some old, gnarly and with eccentric personalities, and others young, tall, and proud. The olive pickers are just as much a mixed bag, and the groves around our home come alive with the sound of trees being combed, and pickers old and young coming out of the woodwork, discussing how best to harvest this year’s bounty of koroneiki olives. Soon the air even tastes of fresh olive oil; like the sharp scent of fresh cut grass.


Once the olives have been collected in large sacks, each farmer brings them to the village press to see them squeezed immediately into fresh extra virgin olive oil.

It’s been a family effort this year again, with long days combing the trees and plenty of picnic lunches in the groves, and nightly we’re all left feeling tired and healthy.
The first taste of our fresh pressing, drenched on a piece of thick homemade bread is one of the best meals of the year!