A recluse on the loose

A recluse on the loose.

Tim’s account a la Dr. Suess

In the far south of Greece
lives the Peloponesse
where upon the sea breeze
grow green olive trees.
And there in the shade
of a mountain is made,
the oil of Villa Kitrini.

After crossing the sea, it was late in the day
I arrived in the town where soon I would stay.
Three in the front, we climbed rocky miles
Pat at the wheel, me and Robyn who smiles.
We opened the door, and though the hour was late
I met Heidi and Sarance and King Louis the Great.
The mad ruler of Villa Kitrini.

Why was I there?
What good could I do?
And why were Sara and Terance here too
where upon the sea breeze green olive trees grow?
Helpx is a website.
Visit it, they know.

Helpx brought us here.
Eager but poor and in need of a bed,
We first built a wood shed to pay for our bread.
Combined we were three with the know-how of one,
staying true to Pat’s drawing and soon we were done.
Cement, drills and saws without even a bruise
We raised a fine building made of paint wood and screws.
Long may it stand at Villa Kitrini.

The shed was complete but that was not the true plan.
There were still olives to gather, bag, press and can.
Not to mention the roads, paths and mountains soon to be ran.

So up the next morning
we began honest toil
to squeeze from the trees fresh, pure olive oil.

I had in my mind that each olive we’d pick
but there were far, far too many for that to be quick.
You see, the Greeks have been at it for many a year
and the method they use would make tree-huggers tear.
It’s as simple as giving each tree a whack,
then a smash, a clobber, a blow and a smack.
Wherever an olive might be trying to hide,
it is met with the force of a trident’s broad side.
Each tree gets a trim but there’s more to do yet,
every olive is bagged that’s on top of the net.
Then to the presses the olives do go,
where from their great taps green juices do flow.

You’d be wrong to think it was just endless work in the sun
because there were many days and nights entirely devoted to fun.
It was at the Risk board that King Louis was crowned
before an American alliance brought his reign to the ground.
In this land of myth we discovered the home of the games
and on US thanksgiving the boys dressed as dames.

Castles and waterfalls and beaches and more
all were waiting just outside of our door.
You can be certain that one day when I’m home
I’ll long for the sea breeze in which green olives are grown.
It’s a lesson I’ve been taught many times before
and I’m sure I’ll have to learn it many times more.
You can travel to see this, that and the rest
but it’s people, not places that are always the best.